support for climate change 

about zaar

hello and welcome to and zaar.

the zaar project is all about music for film and television, production tools for other artists and producers, film and animation, television production makers.  this involves, construction kits, loops, background music and full blown sections of music and score. 


robertsobol and zaar are also involved with support to the consequences of climate change, and supports and funds a percentage of donation to the people that need it.  donations are supported by the material from here and the zaar project, whether it is downloads of sample-sets, licensing work or freelance work, complete audio work and so on.  i believe it to be very important to support these activities, and through purchase from robert sobol and zaar, you are also helping others in their fight against devistation and change.  once again, many thanks for taking the time to read this small introduction to zaar and what is available